Wednesday, 25 July 2012

OSX Mountain Lion Released

Apple has released its latest update for the Mac OS 'Mountain Lion'. Priced at £13.99 you get many new features for your money. The file is 4.4GB, so make sure you have some room left on your Hard Drive. :) Check out all the new features here! 


Billy said...

Do a video?

Ben said...

I have been thinking about doing a video, but i am so busy at the moment! By the time i have had time to sit down and make a video, there will be thousands of other videos uploaded. Also, when its uploaded it will be old news, so no one will be interested. I will see when i have some time free, and then i may think about uploading a video.

Billy said...

Thanks for taking the time to write that for me, i really appreciated it!

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