Monday, 11 June 2012

Apple Gives Google Maps The Boot!

Just coming from the news at WWDC that Apple has created its own mapping system for iOS. This now means that Google Maps is no more on iOS. Apple's news maps for iOS includes many features that Google Maps did not on iOS: Turn by turn navigation, flyover, Siri support and much more. Check out the video from WWDC now!


Billy said...

it actually looks quite good!

Nathan said...

Im sorry but you cant make a stunning maps suite in a year, Google maps has been being built and fondled for at least 7 years, Google's answer to this 3d mapping on android os, and well the turn by turn navigation could at least replace a satnav and has taken equally as long, i think this will take some time to reach Gmaps levels. And Apple being Apple will anybody else be able to use it apart from their own customers ?

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