Monday, 19 March 2012

Windows 8 Can Power Your Car

One of the cool things Windows 8 does, is the ability to control your car; straight from your Windows 8 Tablet. As the video below shows that somebody has made an app that lets you do many things with your car, staright from your mobile device.


Anonymous said...

Nothing special there then.

Billy said...

Im not sure about 8.

Nathan said...

Official manufacturers sytems are starting to be used mainly ford, on their new focus's and other models they are using a Microsoft os in their dash, its called sync. When i was on my holidays in America the brand new focus that i rented had it i must say its quite a good thing, but anyway at MWC in Barcelona ford were there with a more advanced version for use in Europe, it featured windows phone to car functions like turn lights on turn interior lights on, turn heater or air conditioning on from outside the car, and remote location to the car fore those pesky Multi stories. A quick search on you tube will show you guys it look good if not a little intrusive.

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