Monday, 27 February 2012

Photoshop For iPad

Adobe have just announced that they will be bringing out a photoshop touch version for iPad. It will do many amazing things to your photos and you will get many great features that you get on the desktop version. All this at a price of £4.99.


Nathan said...

This has been out on android tablets for a while now, problem is getting images onto the device to edit.

George said...

Wow! Android got something first for once! I'm pretty sure this is overpriced

Nathan said...

Wow your pull down notifitication centre was on android from day one you only just got it, Wow wallpapers on android from day one only came to ios in 4.0, oh and live wallpapers might just be coming soon. ANOTHER 1st I don't think so

Billy said...

You can already get live wallpapers.

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