Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Samsung at CES 2012

Samsung have had a very good year based on phone sales, but are loosing when it comes to everything else. they need a good year in 2012, so hopefully they will bring many new products. First of all their new TV's look like they are going to be the best on market. it will be one of the only range of TV's that has their new OLED pannel. this does come at a price, but you can really tell the difference.  at CES they also showed us (finally) their Samsung Note. The Samsung Note is a phone/tablet with a massive 5"screen you can do many things with this. we have highlighted this in another post so i wont go into great detail. more coming soon.


Billy said...

i would call the note a tab

Nathan said...

The Note if you think about is a bridge between a tablet and a phone, its just smaller than what i would call a tablet a 7incher and half the size f a fully fledged tablet. Ideal for anybody torn between the 2 or creative types the stylus features look pretty decent, and also its already out, it was at Samsung Unpacked Android event a couple of months ago so it finally came ages ago.

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