Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 6: Christmas Countdown

Today is a product only a few people would buy, but if you like this sort of stuff then it will be great for you! its a E-Book reader, the best one out there, actually very popular and works a treat. have a look after the break to see what it is.

it can be no other than the Amazon Kindle. this is the market leading E-Book reader and looks to stay there for a very long time. The Amazon Kindle comes in loads of different models, but i am going to be talking about the base model. it comes with a 6" E-Ink display which is great for reading books.... funnily enough, it weighs less then 170 grams, is thin enough to put in your pocket and has built in WI-FI, so you can download books from the built in store in seconds. all this at just £89. this is an amazing price for what you get. if you love books you should really consider this.

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Billy said...

pretty useless if you dont read books though.

Ben said...

i did address that in the first sentence..

Nathan said...

You can view pdf's and office docs too as well as music and you can use it as a memory stick, it has many uses

Ben said...

i dont think you understand Billy?

Billy said...

Yes, i do.

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