Wednesday, 9 November 2011

No more flash on mobile

Adobe have officially said to the press today that they will no long be making flash for mobile. They said 'they would rather concentrate on HTML5'this means that we will now see mobiles with full fledged support for HTML5 not Flash. I can hear Apple now "we told you mr Adobe" so what does this mean for you? If you had an Android device you are going to have to say goodbye to your beloved Flash and stay with HTML5. As for Apple devices nothing will change as you never really had to install anything for it to work.


Billy said...

I could see it coming. Apple will be very smug right now.

Nathan said...

You do speak some shit we wont loose flash completely they have dropped support so all that means is that android will always have flash 11 + HTML 5 which it already has anyway. I just cant wait to see how 'smug' apple will be when Google and their friends find grounds for legal action, as Google have stated that ("we will stand by our manufacturers in court) i would love to see Google smash apple over the Samsung suing, also lets just think where apple would be without Samsung >>>??? (Nowhere)

Billy said...

Samsung will stay making stuff for Apple because they make lots of money. Also if Apple did get rid of Samsung (or visa versa) I'm sure loads of companies will be willing to make stuff for Apple.

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