Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Motorola Xoom 2

Motorola have officially announced their brand new tablet the Xoom 2 ( or Xoom ii) the specs are not really that different nor is the design from it predecessor. it will have an 8.9" display and Android 3.2 ( not ice cream sandwich!!) other that that it will be the same as the original, but at a brand new price of £400 pounds for the base model. it will be released just before Christmas.

Of course this was found in a back of an Carphone warehouse magazine, so many things may or could change by Christmas.


Billy said...

i was hoping for a bit more than that

Nathan said...

The Ice cream sandwich will be coming early 2012 its almost confirmed on my Gtab and is confirmed for the xoom in the US, although Honeycomb is almost ICS anyway so its no big loss....

Ben said...

Yeah, sorry. What I meant was that it's not installed.

Nathan said...

I tell you something else check these out the new samsung 7 inch specials 1 has a 1.4ghz dual core screen and a super amoled plus screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is one big Samsung Session, these really do look technically invincible.

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