Friday, 28 October 2011

Samsung Slices Apple in to second place...

Over the last 3 months Samsung have been quietly nibbling on apples top spot in the smartphone sales ladder, but now they having nibbled enough have committed and sliced straight through, with an increased sales margin of 24% so nearly a quarter of the whole mobile phone market in the world, even more surprising is that they retained this despite the Iphone 4 s release, and maybe with the Iphone 4 s being a slight to major disappointment, many of its possible custom went to the Korean Giant. So here are the stats of the top 3 mobile phone vendors:

  1. Samsung (27.8 Million Devices Sold)
  2. Apple (17.1 Million Devices Sold)
  3. Nokia (Undefined)


Billy said...

iPhone4 is still the most poplar smartphone though as Apple do not release 3 new handsets every month. so all this says is Apple are better at selling 5 phones then samsung are at selling 200.

Ben said...

Can't believe samsung made losses even though these phone sales are really good!

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