Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: iPhone4S

Hello, i am going to be reviewing the brand new iPhone4S today, we will go over lots of good (and bad things) and i will be giving my final thoughts with our rating at the end. click below to read review.
so first of all lets talk about the tech specs of this phone: you can the phone in either black or white, a capacity of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, it has new 3G capabilities to be as fast as 4G in some places, it is the first phone to have Bluetooth 4.0, same 940 x 640 display as seen on the iPhone4, 8MP camera with 1080p video recording, 1GB RAM, 1GHZ dual core processor, new graphics chip, slight changes to battery life you now get 8 hours talk time and only 200 hours on standby, you know have support for airplay mirroring and all the rest is the same as the last gen model. the improvements that have been made though are big enough to call it a new phone.

Operating system
 the brand new operating system that is built in has loads of improvements and new features added to it that make it feel like a completely new phone. i will be talking about some of my favourites right now (you can see a list of the features here) my first personal favourite is notifications. instead of having a horrible intrusive bubble pop-up on the screen when you can an notification you now get a subtle, yet effective little bar that 'peaks' down from the top of the screen. this may have been seen before from its competitors (Android) the next i want to talk about is iMessage. iMessage is just like BBM but quicker. you can send messages, photos, videos and more for free to your friends who have a ios device. this is a great way to talk to your friends without having to pay any service charges from your mobile carrier.  next up is newsstand: newsstand lets you have your newspapers in magazines in one place for easy viewing. you can subscribe to favourites and they will added to the newsstand application (you can download them from the brand new store) also another new application that is built into your phone is reminders: reminders lets you make reminders in this helpful new app, but its not like any other app you have seen before. this gives you various setting to choose from when making a reminder, my personal favorite is setting a geo-fence around the place you are at and telling ti to remind you as soon as you leave. there are many brilliant features in ios5 that was some of my favourites.


 as you can see form the video above there is loads of things that you can ask Siri and it will try and give you a suitable answer for your question. this is still a Beta though so there is still some perfecting to do. siri also adds changes to the keyboard adding a small mic icon showing that you can speak instead of typing.

the new camera in the iPhone4S is probably the best camera on a phone you can get. its not all about the megapixels with Apple they go one step further: adding new lenses and increasing the aperture to 2.4. they have also put in a brand new sensor for the camera which increases the overall quality of the photos. the camera can also be used for video as well witch also looks amazing.
here are some examples below:

As you can see the camera work very well and is amazing that its on a phone!

other things
From what i have noticed compared to the iPhone4 they have made some improvements to other small things as well. The speaker seems to be much louder in this phone ( you will defiantly be able to hear it form the other side of the room) the vibrator has improved being much stronger than the previous phone. the new RAM, processor and Graphics card make the new Phone much quicker than any previous versions. they have also so added a new dual antenna system that switches between both depending on the best signal. 

The verdict
Apple are right in saying that this is the best iPhone ever (because their right) some people may be let down by it not being a iPhone5 and having the same design to the previous model, but there are major improvements that make this phone far superior than it's younger brother. Is it worth the upgrade? if you have the iPhone3GS then YES! DO IT NOW! if you have the iPhone4 i would not be rushing to any apple store to buy one. Although like me, if you have an iPhone4 and you have a free upgrade available why not? you might as well get it and keep all of the things you have purchased which you cannot get on any other phone.

I dont think this Phone has changed enough to keep up with the competition for another year, this is likely to make them lose sales later on in the year when newer and better phones will undoubtably arrive. luckily Apple have installed there brand new operating system iOS5 which brings major improvements to the phone. overall this makes it feel like a brand new phone and with the improvements made inside the device to make it much quicker and the camera the best i have seen on a phone, this is why it gets 5 stars.


Billy said...

Been waiting to hear your thought. Great review as all way :)

Nathan said...

i have to say that the camera is quite good but increasing the f/stop number isn't an improvement its just part and parcel of what the new sensor is capable of. although i would still look about comparing the galaxy nexus' 5m camera to this as Samsung have a habit of producing excellent picture quality with a small sensor mp rating, take my gtab 10.1 it look almost as good as this apart from some noise. but i wouldn't count the lenses as being good because that is an insult to any proper camera you can buy, the picture also look like the phone electronically enhances the picture a little, although im not sure if it is the best camera found on a phone, as a little while ago Samsung put a 12mp sensor in a pixon i think it was and Sony used to be bashing out cyber shot 8mp camera phones before the Iphone was even conceived but its decent anyway.

Ben said...

Like I said its not all about MP

Billy said...

When will your review be up Nathan?

Ben said...

Yeah Nathan when will it be up?

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