Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Microsot reveals its TV providers for Xbox

Right now there is a special event going on just for the Media in the USA, where Microsoft has announced their TV providers that will be coming to the new xbox360 Dash later this month. Today they have officially announced that for the UK they have a partnership with the BBC to host live streaming of all their channels that are on your TV. Also you will have the same sky experience but it will be moved to the live TV section along with the BBC in the UK. also if you have a lovefilm account you can have your movies or tv show stream directly from their service on xbox live. There will also be these channels in the UK as well: Channel 4, Channel , MSN, Youtube, Vevo and Blinkbox. The channels will change depending on what country you are in, but since we are in the UK those are the channels we are looking to get at this present time, there is plenty of time before release so they may change, but it looks set to stay as it is.


Billy said...

i knew BBC would jump on the band-wagon sooner or later

Billy said...


Ben said...

i think that ties in with Youtube though. it will be on Youtube and its only separate channel on the dash. (my sources say)

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