Thursday, 6 October 2011

HTC Sensation XL

Hi, HTC have released a newer version of the Sensataion it is magically called the HTC Sensation XE the main differences from the original lie within where it has an uprated processor from 1.2ghz dual core to 1.5 and following a massive contract with Beats Audio this is the first handset to feature the technology. Other specs include:

  • 756mb Accesable RAM
  • 4.3 Inch  qHD (540 X 960) screen
  • Beats technology 
  • 8mp auto focus camera with Dual LED flash
  • WCDMA & GSM standards
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP for wireless headsets
  • USB Tethering (cameras and thumb drives etc)

If this cant get you away from an Iphone then nothing can and you would have to say that it is the most powerful and spec'd smartphone in the market currently, maybe it should be called the HTC Monster because it will eat naything that gets in its way.


Ben said...

The only thing that us better on this phone is the processesor, which it's massive compared to the iPhone 4s that is.

Nathan said...

its just better all around really it has a bigger screen usb tethering which you should be able to do really the camera has a dual flash, And the newest version of htc sense and android, so it is really in a different league to anything just now no doubt samsung will smash it with the nexus Prime but thats the android flgship so you expect.

Ben said...

I swear you just changed that? Or I can't read?

Nathan said...

changed what ?

Ben said...

Just realised this is only available for Vodafone and Three customers in the UK

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