Friday, 2 September 2011

Toshiba at IFA 2011

Toshiba have made some Major Announcements at this years IFA to see them click below.

The First Big announcement was that they have made the world's first 3D glasses free tv. The 55 inch TV will be the first TV to come with 3D without needing them silly glasses. This is a Major achievement for the company and helps this sector strive on. They also Went for the worlds thinnest tablet beating the Galaxy Tab by Millimetres ( all we know about the device is it 7 inch, its 7 mm thick and its running Android 3.1) and they also had the world thinnest laptop at the show beating Apple's Macbook Air. (comes with intel processors) thats all we could find about the laptops sorry :P

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Billy said...

Oh i though other companies have done the TV before

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