Friday, 2 September 2011

Sony At IFA 2011

Sony have announced loads of new devices that will coming soon, here are some of the best ones.
Walkman is Back!
The Famous sony walkman is Back, but its nothing like what you are expecting. It has a touch screen, HDMI OUT, USB 2.0 and their very own music store. This will be the hardest competitor for the ipod touch to date.

2 New Sony Tablets Announced
One of the tablets has to screens like the Nintendo DS (the screens are much bigger though) This Device will be called the Tablet P while the other will be called The sony tablet S, this has a 10 Inch screen like any other tablet. Both devices will be running Android 3.1 and both Devices will have the Playstation network built in, so both devices are looking to be great for games. Both Devices will be coming this november.

Sony 3D Headset
Sony also announced their 3D headset will be Available for purchase early 2012. The former Prototype that was shown as CES early this year will actually be coming for a hefty price tag of £800, but for your money to you get to look like a cyborg! The device will feature Two 720p oled screen (that are capable of 2d and 3d), 5.1 surround sound speakers and will also available to connect to your games console to play games with. This will make it feel like you are watching a 800 inch screen which will be great for doing anything especially with the surround sound. I am looking forward to see what people think about the device when they make a purchase early 2012.

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