Friday, 2 September 2011

Samsung at IFA 2011

Samsung mainly concentrated on its Mobile platform this years IFA to see the detail click below.

Samsung Started the show by talking about its new Mobile Devices coming later this year. They started with a new galaxy tab the 7.7! (if you ask me this is getting boring) It will be the lightest and thinnest tablets to hit the shops Smashing its Brother the 10.1. The Specs are scarce so it is still developing.

Samsung then when to Phones as they announced their Samsung Galaxy note, 'The smartphone-Tablet Hybrid' It has a 5.3 inch screen and looks to compete with tablets and phones, i think that this more of a tablet then a phone as it is quite a big device, but we will have to wait and see when the videos start coming.

They also showed of their Wave 3 smartphone, Updates to their series 7 Laptops, a new 17 inch update to the D8000 series and Samsung also announced that they will be the only company supporting Youtube 3d On their smart Hub.

Most details on the devices was not shown at the show, but people can get their hands on the devices now at the show floor. Any Developments on the situation will be here so keep i locked!

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Billy said...

I don't think that note thing will that bad like you say we will have to wait and see. t is proving popular so far on the show floor.

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