Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Review: 21.5" Apple imac

So recently you may have seen that i bought a new imac. well we have done the unboxing (Link) and now it is time for the review of the device (click on read more to see review) ⇩
First of all lets start by talking about the tech specs in this thing. since i have the 21.5" its not going to be as powerful as the 27" but this thing does not hold back it still has some pretty impressive stats.

Display: the display is truly amazing you can see very little bit of detail from it and here is why:        LED backlit widescreen TFT display. which has a resolution of 1920x1080.

Processor and memory: the processors are powered by intel either an i5 or i7 (if you have the 27" display) in the computer i bought it has a 2.5ghz quad core intel i5 with 6mb shared on l3 cache. ( this is upgradable to  a 2.7 ghz processor)    the memory is 4GB of DDR3 ( which is upgradable to 8GB or 16GB) They all support hyperthreading and turboboost.

Storage: 500GB (upgradeable to 2TB)

Graphics: AMD Radeon 6750
so as i said it is still a pretty powerful device.

whats in the box? The imac, Apple wireless keyboard( can be changed to wired), Apple Magic Mouse ( can be changed to Trackpad or two button mouse), powerlead, DVD's if something goes wrong and printed and electronic documentation.

so when you buy the product and it gets delivered to your house you just want to get on it straight away thats why Apple have included bundles of software for you to play with out of the box which includes: itunes, time machine, quick look, spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, ichat, safari, Adress book, Quicktime, ical, DVD player, Photo Booth, front row, Xcode, ilife, facetime, iwork and much more. (also you can download osx lion for free when you download your new mac which has tomes of new features.

A quick look around the device:


                              21.5"                                                                           27"



As you may or may not know MACS have a different software to PC's, this means you will have to need to know what to do if you have been using a PC for most of your life. thats Easy because the first time you start up your mac it asks if you have had a mac before and gives you a step by step guide on whats different and how you use it. i think that the MAC is much more visual compared to the traditional windows os(what i mean by that is you can check something without having to go into it for example: if you wanted to know if you have any rubbish in your recycle bin on windows, but on mac osx it shows you an empty tin can when there is nothing in it and when there is there will be paper in the bin so you know to empty it. these small little things make sure it is as easy and simple as possible and makes the user save time compared to its competitors.

now we are going to give some good bits about the products and bad bits.

quick setup
time saving features
east to use
lots of apps out of the box
no crashes (yet!) i have probably just jinxed myself now
step by step guide on how it is different from windows
fast interface

Delete button does not delete you have to drag it to trash
when you cross a program it does not quit you have to press CMD + Q
:( it's just like an ipad :) small joke between me and nathan

So overall i think this device is brilliant it comes with a great os which is simple and saves time and comes with great built in apps. the only problem is it comes at quite a big Price.

Final Verdict:



Billy said...

Nice solid review

Poppy said...

Both you and Nathan are brilliant at doing reviews.

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Glad you all liked it! welcome to the site Poppy!

nathan said...

It's exactly like an IPAD where did you get that from and BTW its a mobile graphics card so not powerful

Ben said...

compared to my old one it is

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