Tuesday, 2 August 2011

icloud is open for beta

if you head over to icloud.com right now you will see an official login page. you can login with you apple id and be away with your free 5gb worth of storage. when you login you will need to have either ios5 beta or the mac osx 10.7.2 installed on your device you are working with.

Apple also announced how much it would cost if you would like to buy more storage for you devices. remember these prices are for extra storage you get 5gb free. 10gb will be £10 20gb will be £20 and 50gb will be £50. all these prices are an anual fee that you will pay every year unless you do not want the services any longer. once you have bought the amount you want you have this for a year and will not get charged until you order again next year.


Billy said...

Cant wait for ios5 now!

Nathan said...

Amazon cloud space costs the same but only one off fee

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