Friday, 3 June 2011

Web Browsers

How many are there now like 20 or more well today i am going to talk about the mainstream ones the browsers I have chosen to talk about are Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, Google's Chrome and Apples Safari So lets start. And before we all argue this is being done from my experiance on my Windows Vista Machine.

Internet Explorer 9

Well as any Pc owner will know IE is always bundled with windows rigs and well if we are all honest its probably how we encountered the World Wide Web for the very first time, but that's where the euphoria ends and in a big way that was version 5 or me now we are talking about 9 and its an utter nightmare for me on Vista it crashes and lags and is slower than ever, but when it does work its quick enough and simple to use, I would recommend IE to new users of computers as a way to learn all of the things that can be done and as far as i am concerned Internet Explorer has by far the best favourites system and its because, you guessed it, its simple.



Newest to the pot is Google Chrome now you may have heard that google is bringing out their own laptop and netbook OS that will run from a cloud and Chrome is almost like the salesmans tour, but anyway i would have to say that it is the quickest web browser that i have ever used, and sorry to firefox users for that but it just is, it runs any website very quickly including the Videos page of this blog which really does stump Internet Explorer for some reason, Google have also introduced web Apps which is really just a cloned Android market with games and utilities that run throught the browser you can get things such as Angry Birds and slice it from there, all of these new features add up to a big lead over the rest of the browsers out there today.


And first off apple lovers this is all true on windows so just crawl away, Its a route 1 nightmare, its like the flash war all over again if its html 5 its okay but as for Flash or silverlight add-ons its a further installation, even if your pc is rocking the latest version of Adobe Flash Safari apparently cannot find it and so i have to install the Safari version same goes for silverlight and its just not on. But apart from that major upset the UI is simple and easy to use as you would expect there are some features that i do like though like the feed grabbers along the top with links to the worlds news and it tells you how many new articles there are since you last vistied, along with many more similar services, however the score is ruined by the fact that i have been spoiled by Google Chrome,Sorry Steve.

So in points order here are the official download links to the browsers:

1. -

2. -



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