Monday, 13 June 2011

New xbox chips

Microsoft has announced it is to utilise a new processing system in its Xbox 360 slim models with the new CPU to provide better power efficiency to the leading console.

Dubbed the system-on-chip (SoC) processor, Microsoft’s new energy efficient system will see the console’s main processor, graphics, memory and I/O logic all compiled into a single powerful chip.

As well as improving battery efficiency, the new SoC system will reduce internal heat levels as well as reducing manufacturing costs of the console, a reduction that will hopefully be passed on to consumers. The latest in a long line of updates since Microsoft first launched the Xbox 360, the SoC processor will join the refreshed motherboard and small power supply units found in the new slim models.

Whilst Microsoft has yet to announce when the first SoC touting consoles will hits stores it has been keen to stress to users that the new processor will not face any compatibility issues with existing software.

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The current xbox 360 s is a system on a chip but only the GPU & CPU

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