Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mobile talk help

Here at Ben and Nathan's techstop we talk alot about phones. we may use some words that you don't understand/know. so i have decided to make a small list of words we may use when talking about mobiles with a small explanation showing what it means.

"Third generation" mobile network - it's faster than standard 2G.

Short for "application". Apps are software people can use on their mobiles.

Cellular network
The radio network we use to send and receive calls and messages, and use the internet.

Core network
It's the central part of a network and what links our network together.

A small, mobile signal mast for your home or office. It's similar to a Wi-Fi router.

GPRS (General Packer Radio Service)
'Always on' mobile network that's faster than standard 2G.

GSM (Global System for Mobiles)
A frequency used to make mobile calls.

HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access)
Mobile internet (downloading) that's roughly four times faster than 3G.

The global computer network. 

A private computer network.

Kilobits per second - a measure of how fast you can download online.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)
It's the next generation of network - faster than 3G or UMTS. (It's also known as 4G.)

An Antenna found on a rooftop. It gives the best coverage in a mobile phone network. And links phones to the network.


A megabit is a measure of the data transfer rate. Mbps is millions of bits or megabits per second. It's used when talking about broadband speeds.

A low power cell in a phone network that covers a small area, eg a shopping centre, hotel, busy street or train station.

MMS (Media Messaging Service)
Picture messages.

A phone with better computing, internet browsing and connectivity than a basic mobile phone.

SMS (Short Messaging Service)
Text messages.

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)
The 3G we use in the UK. It's more advanced than GSM.

Wi-Fi is a system that allow phones through low power radio systems. It's sometimes called WLAN or Wireless Lan.

some information may have been taken from wiki as even i did not know what some of them meant :)


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