Thursday, 16 June 2011

Google Must be laughing at Imessage

When you compare what Apple have proposed, it makes you laugh they push all of the right buttons if you OWN all of their devices and machines, its great to use Imessage if you have Friends with an Ipod touch or phone or pad, now look at Google Talk its the closest competitor to Microsoft's MSN and you can see why, it can be used via Mac,PC, android and iOS the only requirement is to have a Gmail which sounds like a chore but it is free so hey. Maybe Apple should try to keep it all tight like i cant believe I'm saying this Google, on android you have both the IM and video/voice chats in one app; Talk. Apple are now giving you an extra segment to what could already be a chaotic Text messaging app,so lets see what the community down Steve jobs avenue have to say when they have messages flying around in all directions. Although i mustn't forget BBM or Blackberry Messenger to non blackberry users, and this is yet another 'stollen' feature from Apples crack team of spy's. And yet aonther single platform form of buy our product of leave.


Billy said...

couple of things
1. imessage can be sent to your mac
2. why did you say talk is free when so is imessage.
3. they didnt steal it if apple did so did google.

Nathan said...

Google Talk has been out for longer and it must be coincidence that it does the same thing,I stated that a Gmail account is free so thus Talk is, and I never said it couldn't be sent to mac instead i moaned that it has to be sent to mac or itouch or ipad phone etc, maybe you should read the post properly before engaging apple defence mode.

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