Monday, 6 June 2011

E3 2011

Hello, this is going to be the thread with all the latest news from e3. remember this will be filled with big announcements. click on read more to see the latest news.
Xbox Keynote:
  • Xbox show off a new dashboard for kinect
  • xbox announce they will have a live tv service
  • youtube will be coming to xbox live
  • bing will be coming to xbox
  • UFC will be coming live to xbox
  • minecraft will be coming to xbox
  • kinect will have a virtual disneyland
  • xbox announce kinect fun labs(finger scanning and object scanning) available now!
  • new cloud saves(saves all your game saves over the air)
Watch the conference.

Sony keynote:

  • PlayStation Vitta announced
  • sony freebies for hacking
  • Vitta will copy part from xbox live and nintendo online 
  • Vitta will have better graphics then xbox and ps3

watch full coverage

Nintendo keynote:

  • Nintendo show off wiiu
  • wiiu has a touch screen controller
  • dont need a tv to play wiiu
  • make video calls with contoller
  • new views with controller
  • coming 2012
  • controller also has standard buttons
  • also comes with a new console with amazing graphics

Watch full coverage

You can also watch the full coverage of the ea event

you can watch the full event from ubisoft here


Billy said...

I like how you are doing a live thread good idea! i will looking back to see all the news if any(tech related)

Ben said...

Thanks Billy. i think the biggest announcement of the week will be Nintendo showing their wii2

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