Friday, 3 June 2011

10 android one upmanships over Ios

So as Ben's post said about how attached some people are for their phones and how it travels with them home and away, anyway lets get right on with this.
  1. Connectivity:
Okay so with your shiny new Ios device you get the propriety connector that add's nothing to the user experience and is just a pain if you lose it as apple charge a frankly naff price for it, while a requirement for Android is to use a Micro USB connector which means that if you lose it the chances are you have another 1 somewhere about the place, many Android devices also have a mini Hdmi connector which allows for a free conncection to a HDTV, this means that out of the box you can expand your smartphone horizons.And finally a large one today is memory or space, while most android phones will have atleast 1Gb internal space,wait before you laugh, you have the choice of using a micro sd card of upto 32Gb which technically means that you have more than the largest Iphone with 33Gb.

2. Customizability:

Personality everybody has one even Iphone owners, but can they express this through their PERSONAL device, no because they are inside Steve Jobs airspace and cannot deviate, although simple the APP drawer of Ios is bland and uninspiring, while the green robot under command of google is a bottomless pit of personal flair and personality, you can add as little or as many widgets to the home screens as possible, this makes your device your's and as HTC's tv ad says " You dont need to get a phone,you need to get a phone that gets you" this is very true, an example of how widgets increase productivity could be the interactive Mail widgets with scrolling, but this isnt just a animated picture you can select the mail for example and the program is enlarged, giving you the full version, you can also choose to add app shortcuts and the like but thats just convienience.

3.Web Browser
Well its proven that the Android WEB KIT browser is the fastest around in the mobile world,On average that doesnt make the Ios Safari slow because its the second fastest, although thats like comming second in the Olympics, another massive leap forward in mobile browsing is the inclusion of Flash player into the mix this makes the Android browser FULL web ready out of the box not just HTML5 ready, and despite how many Ios users say it doesnt bother them i have an Ipod touch and it is frustrating to know that this is all because of an arguement 10 years ago, but thats just more evidance of the tight airspace around the Apple eco system.

4.Manufacturer choice

So you have an Iphone yes its going to be made by apple or well Foxconn, but you only have the choice of 2 models or no 1 and a half really a Black 1 or a White 1 now this is okay for sheeple or followers who only as many of you do for the brand name and the show off factor, not having a clue about the specs or problems. While people on a budget are simply Knakered, well take a look at Android and you get what you pay for but with android recently that is a lot, you get devices from all of the mainstream manufacturers too such as Samsung, LG and Sony, while there are also Smartphone and Mobile specialists such as HTC and Motorola.

5.Operator Choice 
Yes in the UK it is available on umpteen networks but for our American cousins and the birth place of the device California to be exact, are stuck to 2 and its a poultry offering from AT&T which we are led to beleive is awful in most parts of the states and a new competitor Verizon but this is still only 2, while Android is availible on any network in any region and as explained above at multiple price points.

With the announcement of Ios 4 Apple said we now have multitasking which isnt as Ben touched on with his rant, isn't multitasking at all, while android offers the full Multi Tasking option by where the phone will work in the background like your PC or mac will this means that more can be done in a small space of time, this will also mean that quick swapping is great with the web-browser finishing the loading of a page why you checkout the news or weather great news!

7.Out of Box use 

Great i have my Iphone from the Apple shop on release day and i rip the box apart to find the phone and great, but when you power it up it asks for a conncection to a Computer this might already be a nightmare for some, no computer, no itunes, no Iphone, or if your pc is broken or laptop is out of charge what do you do well, take the Iphone back and run along to a carrier of choice for a same day operation, your Samsung,HTC or anything else will operate from the first use, no more wires, "its the future" said Apple when they explained the multi use home button on Iphone, well lets look a little nearer to home Steve, anyway everything is done wirelessly through the Google cloud, quick,easy and simple.

8.Cheap 3rd party media and its ours to keep
You have Itunes we have Amazon, we can access Amazon MP3 for the latest music at a cheaper price we can download movies and TV shows from native services such as HTC's new Watch streaming and download service,Soon Google are releasing worldwide their own Movies and Music section to the already booming Android Market this will possibly and quicker than you might think topple the mighty Apple app and itunes stores,so watch this space.

And this is the part where i am going to argue with Ben,

9. HTC Sense website

As with Ios find me tracker, HTC offer the same service with more features for example with the Sense website you can lock the device or apply a lock code, the online app will also alert the police for you and give them a running lat/long of the device for them to crack the case, on top of this you can wipe the device completely but to save your data for the replacement or recovered phone it backs it up to the HTC server saving your stuff so to speak,Samsung are also gearing up a similar service while when Syamntecs Norton Mobile security is released it will offer a similar service.

10.No crapware

As for this one you really are having a maer, the apps loaded cannot be removed but usually you are paying for them for example Orange have loaded my phone with Orange Maps and Messenger, now these are bundles in my service so instead of having to find them and then download them i already have them ready to go, and as for manufacturer Apps the HTC apps on my Desire simply enhance stock android and you wouldent want to Uninstall them.


Ben said...

5. is wrong because its not just AT&T is it.

Anonymous said...

Well it is

Anonymous said...

What about Verizon? numnuts

Ben said...

Just thought I would update this thread now ios5 has been shown.

5. In the USA you can now get an unlocked phone.
7. In ios5 you can start from the box
9. On the find my iPhone app you have ALWAYS been able to do the thing you spoke about.
10. Is not something that android does better it's something iOS does better?

Ben said...

Also I missed out these

2. You can now get widget but not on the homepage like android
3. Adobe say they are working on flash for iOS devices

Ok rant over bye :)

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