Monday, 2 May 2011

Battle for the top spot

As some of you may have noticed the Hitachi post about their new phone has been at the top of the blog for 3 months now! lets and try and get it off the top spot. all you have to do is click on a post that you like and that will count as one hit. to help you out the second post popular post is Nokia at MWC (old) with only 11 hits off of the Hitachi phone. so all you need to do is click that 11 times at it will go to the top of the blog.


Lucy said...

good idea but i'm going to try and get something else to the top ;)

Ben said...

What the hell Lucy you are amazing i posted this half an hour ago and we already have a new post at the top spot. i don't know why you picked that though?

Lucy said...

Because i want there to be small iPhone it will be so cute i already own a iPhone4 and i love that so a small one will be cute and tiny.

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